Dog Left Tied Up In Woods With Only Empty Food Bowls For Comfort

No animal deserves to be abandoned without food or shelter. Unfortunately, there are a startling number of people who find such behaviors acceptable. This three year old German shepherd was left tied to a tree out in the woods. The poor dog spent days barking as loudly as she could, in hopes that someone would hear me and be willing to put an end to her sadness.

She also had no food or water to speak of. Finally, a local resident heard her frenzied cries and decided to intervene. An animal control officer by the name of Alex got the call. When Alex asked how long the dog had been barking for, the caller said that they had been hearing the animal’s yelps for at least three days. Alex made his way to the scene as quickly as he could.

Initially, he and the resident who called were unable to find the dog. After scanning the area, Alex finally spotted a small, brown head hiding out in a nearby thicket. No one in the adjacent apartment complex wanted to take responsibility for what had taken place. They all denied knowing anything about the animal being tied up and left outside to fend for herself.

Alex finally located the barking dog and all she had to keep herself safe from the sun was a plastic doghouse. The cable that she had been tied up had gotten wrapped around her leg and if Alex had not come along, she likely would have required an amputation. It took a moment to gain the animal’s trust and after he placed a snare around her neck, he was able to remove her leg from the cable.

She is still a very nice dog despite the ordeal that she experienced. In Alex’s mind, she is still going to make for an awesome pet. The dog has since been renamed Genesis and this is symbolism for the new start that she is about to embark upon. Genesis now resides at the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter as she patiently waits for a forever home.

Be sure to contact the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter if you would like to make a donation or find out more about how you can assist an animal that is in need. If you know someone who would like to take Genesis home with them, please take a moment to pass this story along. Let’s all do our part to spread the word, shall we?

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