Cat Refuses To Leave Bedside Of Dying Grandma Who Raised Her

Trooper is one of the most loyal cats that you are ever going to meet and she is especially beholden to her lovely grandmother. Her name is Sarah and she is 96 years old. Believe it or not, Trooper was first found when a woman named Alexis purchased the house that she was hiding in with the intentions of flipping it. They heard the cat’s meows from inside of the walls.

It took a sledgehammer to rescue the cat and she was just two weeks old at the time. When they could not find Trooper’s family, they decided to bring her to Alexis’ mother’s house. Sarah has been living with the family ever since Alexis’ children were small. After moving in to help her daughter take care of her children, she became a permanent fixture at the residence.

In addition to forming a close bond with her grandchildren, she also became attached to the family’s cats. She and Trooper were the best of friends and they have been pals ever since she bottle fed her as a baby. Trooper is the sort of cat who makes one close friend and is happy with that. In this instance, that person just so happened to be Sarah.

While it clear to everyone that the two had a close connection, the extent of this connection did not become clear until Sarah became sick. As her health worsened, the family noticed that Trooper was refusing to leave her side no matter what. She knew that it was close to the end for her friend and she was not going to allow Sarah to suffer alone.

What an amazingly loyal cat. Once Sarah was unable to move around as much as she once could, Trooper even started to fetch her gifts from around the house. She is a very perceptive animal and her family says that she did not start doing this until Grandma’s condition deteriorated. The family also says that Trooper had a certain look in her eyes that suggests she knew exactly what was going on.

Nothing could keep her away from Sarah’s bedside. When Sarah finally passed on, she was inconsolable. She did not eat for days and even though she is better now, she still brings toys and gifts to Grandma’s room as a means of paying homage. If you would like to adopt a cat like Trooper, please be sure to contact the good people at Dodo Adoptbot immediately.

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