Heartbroken Dog Can’t Accept That His Best Friend Is Really Gone

Otis the guinea pig and Mattis the bulldog may not have seemed like an obvious pairing but the two were best of friends. Animals have the innate ability to appreciate one another and it does not even matter if they are of the same species. These two were able to overcome their differences and their connection is a very profound one. Now that Otis has passed on, the strength of this connection has been tested.

Mattis the bulldog is certainly struggling to accept this loss and this is understandable. After all, it can take a long time for the pain of losing a close friend to truly heal. Joseph and Brittany are their owners and they have numerous stories to tell about their amazing friendship. They already had Otis for quite some time before Mattis came into the picture.

Joseph and Brittany were not expecting them to hit it off in the manner that they did. However, the two became fast friends and were essentially inseparable. Mattis’ kennel was kept next to Otis’ cage so that the two would never have to be apart, even when it was time for bed. When Otis finally passed away, Mattis remained by his side throughout the entirety of the process.

This was obviously tough on the whole family but Mattis seemed to be taking it harder than anyone. When the family finally removed Otis’ cage from the house so that they could clean it, Mattis went outside to climb inside. He would not leave and this was his way of letting the family know just how badly the loss of his friend was hurting him inside.

Mattis did not want to eat his food and he moped around the house for days after Otis passed away. He is going to need a bit of time to heal after what has taken place. It is not every day that we lose our best friends and we wish Mattis all of the best during his recovery. Fortunately, he will not have to deal with the loss all by himself.

He is able to spend his days with a family that cares about him very deeply. They are going to make sure that he gets all of the love and affection that he needs to get through this difficult time. Otis might be gone from their lives but he is never going to be forgotten.

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