Dog Who Waited For Deceased Owner By Empty Hospital Bed Gets A New Family

There is something about seeing a dog react to the passing of their humans that hits us square in the feels zone. These animals have the capacity to feel an immense amount of grief. When their owners pass away, they do not know what to do with themselves. All they know is that their owners are gone and they have no idea where they went. Just imagine how sad you would be in their situation.

Moose’s grieving went viral and we feel for the poor pup. When he lost his dad, he did not know how to handle it. A dog’s grief is processed differently. They do not have the luxury of paying their final respects in the same way as a human. They do not have the ability to understand that their owner is in a better place now. Instead, they are forced to process the situation on their own.

“Moose sat patiently next to his dad’s hospital bed, waiting for him to return, not knowing that “Dad” had passed away. Poor Moose has now been returned to Eleventh Hour Rescue and he’s taking the loss of his dad pretty hard.”

Many dogs in this situation will simply sit in the same area for an extended period of time, waiting for their owner to return. Eleventh Hour Rescue posted the dog’s photo. They also shared his sad story with the rest of the world. The organization was hoping to inspire someone to take a chance on him. He’s a Lab mix and he is just three years old.

He has so much to offer the world still. Moose spent months at the shelter, waiting and hoping for someone to help him. The poor dog would need to find a forever home before it was too late. This shelter would not have the room to house him for much longer. If no one was willing to step up, he would eventually be euthanized. No animal deserves this sort of fate.

Posted by Eleventh Hour Rescue on Saturday, June 22, 2019

Fortunately, Moose received the assistance that he needed in the nick of time. A local shelter volunteer was not about to let anything happen to him. They elected to take on the responsibility of raising the grief-stricken dog. Finally, his new dad found him and the two have been very happy together ever since. Just check out this happy family for yourself!

We are overjoyed by these developments. Moose has finally found the home he deserves. The family that adopted Moose had recently lost a pet of their own. That’s what makes this story such a special one. Please be sure to share this awesome tale with your friends and loved ones. We wish Moose and his new family all of the best!

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