Bill introduced to make animal cruelty a nationwide felony

Those who have been hoping to make animal cruelty a thing of the past received some great news recently. Florida legislators are re-introducing a bill that will make actions of this nature a felony. This is music to the ears of those who believe that animal abusers are allowed to escape without major penalties. Animals are people, too. It is high time that they were treated as such.

If animals are being hurt or killed by humans, the penalties are going to be severe. We hope that this bill is signed into law as soon as possible. We are tired of reading stories about animal abusers who are able to waltz away with a mere fine to pay. It is time for animal abusers to start facing prison sentences. Otherwise, no one is ever going to take these crimes as seriously as they should.

Republican Representative Vern Buchanan has been very outspoken on the subject. He refers to the treatment that innocent animals receive as “abhorrent”. In a world where the abuse of animals has essentially become a trend, he believes that past penalties were not strict enough. It is time to beef up the laws and make sure that animals receive the protection that they deserve.

After all, who likes to see animal abusers getting away with their crimes? No one worth listening to, that’s for sure. Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte was responsible for the blocking of past bills but now that he is no longer in power, it is time to revisit the topic. Lawmakers have a certain level of optimism on the matter and are hopeful that the bill can pass.

Not a moment too soon, right? The necessary exceptions are going to be made for hunting and vet care but those who think that it’s funny to torture an animal for a few likes on social media? Your days are finally numbered. If this sort of behavior continues, it will most certainly be punished. The law may also be able to reduce other forms of crime.

In the meantime, please pass this story along. Let’s all do our part here. It is time to raise awareness about the importance of these laws. We are fed up of seeing animal abusers walking free. Those who harm animals should be held to the same standards as those who harm human beings. We hope to live in a world where animal abusers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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