UPS driver witnesses a dog being abandoned and jumps into action

The idea that delivery personnel and dogs are in a constant state of war is a stereotype that has been allowed to live on for many years now. We blame the cartoons of our youth for this perception. This is the story of a UPS driver who transcends this myth. When this puppy was mistreated by others, he was willing to step up and help the animal out.

The Cairn Terrier in this story was abandoned in the middle of a very busy roadway by a cruel and thoughtless owner. We are not sure what would possess someone to behave in such a manner. There are a number of shelters and organizations who pride themselves on assisting animals in need. Instead, people take the path of least resistance and endanger animals in the process.

The tiny dog was very lucky not to be killed. A vehicle could have collided with the animal at any time. In addition to endangering the dog, this thoughtless monster also decided to endanger a number of motorists. What would have happened if someone had swerved to miss the animal and ended up colliding with another driver? Fortunately, a kind man came along to save the day.

It is good to know that we are living in a world with a few people who are not totally heartless. The driver in question was handling his usual route in Hughson, California when he came across this lost dog. Instead of expecting someone else to take care of the issue, he took matters into his own hands. True heroes walk among us every day, as it turns out.

The animal was rescued from an oncoming car in the nick of time. From there, the driver (who is named Jason) placed him in the truck and took him to safety. The Stanislaus County Animal Shelter was happy to help out. They even gave the sweet dog a brand new name: Biscuit. Once his new owner got the chance to meet him, he came up with an even better moniker.

Ernie is now safe and sound in his new forever home. However, none of this would have been possible without Jason’s assistance. Props to him for being willing to do what so many other people wouldn’t. Please share this story to raise awareness about the issues that shelter animals face on a regular basis. Every dog deserves the same second chance that our pal Ernie was able to receive.

Source: IHeartDogs

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