Dog Dumped at Shelter With His Bed And Toys Cause Family Didn’t Have ‘Enough Time’ For Him

Dogs go through a lot throughout the course of their lives. However, there are few things worse than being dumped off at a shelter. These animals are unaware of what they have done to deserve such a fate. In many instances, they become very despondent. Wall-E is a dog from Arizona who recently suffered through just such a fate. Unlike many dogs in his situation, it seems as if his owner did everything they could.

Here is Wall-E when he was getting surrendered by his owner ???? They brought all his stuff.. like it was gonna be there…

Posted by MCACC West Adoptable Dogs on Saturday, November 24, 2018

They dropped the dog off with all of their possessions at the shelter and were crying all the while. Mesa’s Maricopa County Animal Care and Control West shelter would be his new home. Poor Wall-E was beside himself when he first arrived. Just imagine how you would feel to lose access to everything that you have ever know. Starting all over again like this has to be a painful experience.

ADOPTED 11/25/18❤️WALL-E❤️He is the sweetest lab mix ! Good on leash 5-6 years oldPotty trained So well behaved Good with kids Scared in play group ( must have dog intro ) Wall-e was dropped off by his owner. They said they had no time for him. They brought his bed and all his toys with him and dropped them all off with him. Unfortunately none of his stuff is with him now and he’s been at the shelter for months. This poor guy does not deserve this ????????????#A3664523Maricopa county animal care and control2500 S 27th Ave Phoenix,Am 85009

Posted by MCACC West Adoptable Dogs on Friday, November 23, 2018

The photo that was taken of the dog when he first arrived at the shelter speaks volumes, doesn’t it? We cannot believe how sad he looks. If only we were there to give him a big hug and tell him that everything is going to be all right. The shelter workers are not sure of the exact circumstances behind this dog’s departure from his family.

WALL-E ADOPTED ????????????Original post:

Posted by MCACC West Adoptable Dogs on Sunday, November 25, 2018

He was essentially left behind because they did not have the time to spend with him. We are sure that they did everything they could but this is not acceptable. No one should be bringing a dog home if they are not able to provide them with the home that they deserve. Hopefully, stories like this one can eventually become a thing of the past.

We are tired of seeing all of these sad dogs, struggling to find people to love them in the manner that they deserve. The shelter was forced to appeal to their Facebook friends to find a home for the dog. They simply did not have enough room for him and he would have to be euthanized. If not for the outpouring of support, we shudder to think of what may have happened.


Posted by MCACC West Adoptable Dogs on Friday, November 30, 2018

Lynn Lee was one of the people who caught wind of the dog’s story. She was more than happy to take him home with her. Social media is a powerful tool, a tool that found this dog a forever home. This is an amazing turn of events and if you loved this story as much as we did, be sure to pass it along!

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