Dog Won’t Let Postman Deliver Mail Unless He Plays Soccer With Him

There are many who view the postman and the dog as natural enemies. After all, the dog must protect their home and the postman must deliver their packages. This is a relationship that can leave both sides feeling wronged. That is what makes this story such an awesome one. We would definitely love to sneak in a game of football with this Scottish pup.

This dog is looking to show off his skills and we cannot blame him. When the postman’s daughter Amy decided to share this clip, the Internet went bonkers and understandably so. This is one of the most adorable videos that we have seen in some time. According to Amy, the dog’s got “mad skills” and now we receive the chance to check them out for ourselves.

“This dog does not let my dad deliver the mail until he’s played football with him,” says Amy. We are just glad that the family finally saw fit to take video. This dog is is legitimately incredible, if you want our honest opinion. Perhaps this dog could become the Air Bud of football? As for the postman, they cannot stop laughing for even a second.

You will be hard pressed not to laugh your head off, too. This is one video that we could not keep a straight face for. It is not enough that this dog is so adorable, he is also a natural born football player. Perhaps the good folks at Manchester United will be willing to pick up their phone and give him a call. We are sure that the transfer fees will be minimal.

However, there are some purists who are going to point one key element of this “match”. The dog does not have any hands to worry about. When you have four legs, this is a bit of an unfair advantage. The pup does not have to worry about committing any sort of handball foul but the postman does not seem to mind that very much.

How could anyone ever be mad at such an adorable face? If you are anything like us, you are going to be running this video back over and over again. We would like to thank Amy Barbour for being willing to share this video with all of her Twitter followers. We cannot stop laughing and we urge you to pass this video along to your friends and loved ones. It will make their day.

h/t: Twitter

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