3-Year-Old Poses On Stage – Crowded Loses It When When Music Starts And She Turns Around

There is just something about seeing small children perform that warms the heart. We tend to use some typical adjectives to describe these performances. Some may call them cute and others may refer to them as adorable. However, this is one of the first performances that we would call sassy. If you don’t believe us, you will want to watch this dance number for yourself.

Roxy Brennan is stealing the show. While most would not expect a three year old to do this well right off the bat, she is most certainly a natural. Everyone who was present at the KAR National Dance Competition is well aware of that now. Her performance left the audience spellbound. They could not get enough and we cannot say that we blame them there.

Everyone was already cheering for her by the time she hit the stage. Perhaps they could innately sense that they were in the presence of greatness? Her costume seemed to be a wonderful harbinger for things to come. No one in the crowd was aware of what Roxy was about to do. That is what makes this performance such a pleasant surprise. We cannot stop watching!

She elected to dance to “Covergirl” and this choice was a natural selection for the child. We cannot stop laughing at her demeanor and the way that she carries herself on stage. This little girl has a bright future ahead of her. She was not content to make everyone swoon because of her cuteness. She wanted them to know that she’s supposed to be taken seriously.

Have you ever seen this level of sass from a three year old before? We definitely have not. Can you believe that this child was even willing to do her own stunts? If she is this talented by the age of three, we cannot begin to imagine what the future is going to hold for her. Audiences were stunned and we would have been, too.

This is one of the best recent performances that we have seen from anyone, regardless of age group. If you are anything like us, you will want to make sure that you check it out. Once you have had the chance to see this performance for yourself, take a moment to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. They are not going to want to miss out so don’t hesitate to share away!

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