Senior Cat Learns How To High-Five And It Helps Her Get Adopted

Lynette Baguette has not always had the easiest life. She was initially found wandering the streets two summers ago. The Monmouth County SPCA took her in and was willing to help, despite her many maladies. The poor old girl was missing teeth. She was also suffering from arthritis. Lynette was an instant hit at the shelter, though. Everyone wanted to be her friend.

She works with the Monmouth County SPCA as an adoption manager. Nina has seen a lot of animals come and go during her time. While she was kind at heart, Nina says that Lynette is the sort of cat who does not like affection unless she is receiving it on her own terms. She’d even give out nibbles with her final tooth!

It is easy to see why she would be grumpy sometimes. She was in constant pain because of her ailments. The shelter staffers spent time working with her and they were eventually able to get her pain under control. Unfortunately, their efforts happened to work a bit too well. The cat started to spend most of her days sleeping and this was problematic when it came to adoption.

If a cat is sleeping all day, those who are looking to adopt are not going to notice them when they stop by. Lynette is not the sort of cat that is going to approach people.

Meanwhile, the average adopter is looking for a pet that displays some level of cuteness. The Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive decided to step in and help out.

This is a program that is designed to assist the cats who are considered to be “hard to adopt”. Positive reinforcement therapy is used as a means of getting the animals to become more social. The program was a smashing success and Lynette picked up a very important skill along the way. This senior cat is now adept at the high five!

A video was posted on the Facebook page of the Monmouth County SPCA. Once the potential adopters in the area got to see her amazing high five skills, the calls began pouring in. Lynette now has new parents who love her very much. We are so glad to see that she has found a forever home to call her own. All of her friends at the shelter are also thrilled to see her doing so well!

h/t: TheDodo

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