Dog Won’t Stop Staring At His Best Friend Who’s Been Away At College For Months

Ellie Haworth is just like any other teenager that goes off to college. She has lots of fun at school but she also loves to come home and spend time with her folks. While her parents miss her dearly, it would appear that her dog has had the toughest time of all with this transition. Percy has never had to be without Ellie and it is hard on him.

She looked forward to seeing him and the feeling was definitely mutual. Percy was beyond ecstatic to see his friend again. He had been doing his absolute best to cope in the meantime. The dog was not about to vocalize these feelings but he found a way to show her just how much she meant to him. They took their usual morning walk and she noticed something unusual.

He did not want to explore in the same manner that he usually does. Instead, he was trying his absolute best to maintain focus. His area of focus during this walk? His best friend’s face, of course. Percy had gone so long without seeing his old friend, he could not believe it. It was as if he did not want to look away, for fear that she would go away again.

He’d waited so long for his friend to come back and he deserved the chance to get to see her. He was going to make the absolute most of it, too. This is something that he has never done before, according to Ellie. Usually, he is like most dogs during a walk. He likes to explore his surroundings and sniff every single thing that he comes across.

Ellie was so happy to see that Percy had missed her as much as she missed him. Of course, she is going to have to say goodbye to him once again when it is time to go back to school. She is not looking forward to this moment but it is a fact of life for college students. Hopefully, Percy is able to overcome his understandable feelings of sadness in the meantime.

This story proves that distance is not enough to shake the bonds that have been built between a dog and their friends. These animals have the sort of loyalty that cannot be matched. Now, these two will have to try their best to stay strong until the day comes when they are finally reunited for good!

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