Dog Wore Headphones And Watched Videos During Fireworks

The Fourth of July offers many of us the chance to enjoy the annual fireworks displays. However, our pets are not always as happy about these events. Anyone who has a dog of their own has definitely watched their animal freak out over the loud noises. The owner of the Golden Retriever in this story has come up with the perfect solution to assist their animal, though.

The tech savvy owner decided that they would provide their dog with the ability to block out all of the noise. Joey loves this idea, as you can tell in the photo. The owner realized that the fireworks were going to rile him up. He gets agitated by these sorts of loud noises. So, he was given a set of headphones to keep him from having to experience these difficulties.

In addition to the headphones, he was also given an iPad. His smile says it all. He’s glad to be watching videos in peace. He is tired of all the loud noises. Thankfully, he can now watch whatever he wants on the iPad. We wonder what he has chosen to watch. Maybe some Snoop Dogg videos? Or perhaps he’s more fond of The Adventures of Milo and Otis? We kid, we kid.

Either way, we cannot get enough of this dog’s hilarious facial expressions. Once his owner Emily decided to provide her social media followers with a clip of the dog loving life, it went viral right away. The video got lots and lots and lots of retweets. You know that a video has to be awesome to receive that kind of traction on a site like Twitter.

That app is totally powered by snark but even the comedians of Twitter could not find any reason to make fun of this dog. They were just happy to see him so content. We want to form a protective circle around all dogs and this video only confirms that. He’s a sweet boy. We just want the very best for him. His mother definitely feels the same way.

Please share this story to raise awareness about the importance of this sort of protection. Animals are unable to understand our holiday traditions. Quite frankly, we shouldn’t be asking them to. If your pet struggles with these loud noises, be sure to provide them with the protection that they need. Don’t force your dog to endure all kinds of loud noises.

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