Doggie Photobombs Google Street View After Chasing Camera Car

Google Street View has provided us with a number of memorable moments already. However, those who are already accustomed to such views are in for quite the twist. Here comes a story about a photo bombing dog that does not worry about the future. This is one dog that knows how to live in the moment. This photo was taken in Japan, as the dog spent time in the Kagoshima Prefecture region.

A series of photos were taken of the dog and we are absolutely swooning. The facial expressions are priceless. From the looks of it, this fellow was giving chase and his face says it all. He went from being happy and playful to being more serious minded at the drop of a hat. This is the most adorable set of photos that we have seen in some time.

Luckily for us, Google did not take the time to blur out our new friend. We’ve all experienced the disappointment of looking for a Google Street View picture and not being able to locate the person (or animal) that we were trying to see. The best part of these photos is that it looks like the animal is levitating. For such a tiny dog, he can really move, can’t he?

We cannot get enough of this old boy’s adventures. This is one of the best Google Street View photo bombings that we have ever seen and we hope that there are more in his future. We would pay to watch a weekly series that focused on this dog’s city explorations.

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