Shelter Looking For ‘Guide Humans’ To Adopt Rescue Dog That Suddenly Went Blind

Dogs are some of the most selfless and helpful animals on the planet. They are always doing a lot to help their humans. In addition to the companionship and affection that they have to offer, dogs also happen to be as adorable as all get out. Did you know that there are thousands of dogs that spend their days working to help humans, though? These animals play very important roles.

Alex is a terrier that works as a service animal. Unfortunately, the four year old went blind without warning. As you can imagine, this put a major damper on his ability to help humans. Some might have allowed themselves to think that Alex would be left behind. Worcestershire’s Dogs Trust Evesham was not going to let any harm come his way.

They decided that they would take the dog in and they are now in the process of looking for a human to guide them. This is quite the role reversal for Alex, who is used to assisting humans in need. Alex has been beloved by staff members since his arrival last fall. Vets have done their best to examine him but from the looks of it, his eyesight has no real chance of ever returning.

The dog’s detached retinas make that a near impossibility. It came as a huge shock when Alex lost his ability to see. Most four year old dogs do not experience these sorts of issues. Luckily, Alex has been able to adjust to his new circumstances and he is getting around just fine. In the meantime, he needs to find a forever home with someone who is willing to assist him.

It will probably take him a little bit of time to adjust to his new surroundings. The good people at the shelter have been taking the time to teach him how to play and apply lavender oil to his harness so that he knows it is time for a walk. All it takes are a few small considerations to help a dog who is in need. We are sure that Alex is more than grateful.

This team is hoping that someone will be able to look past his loss of eyesight and take him in. Please share this story to raise awareness about Alex’s plight. We hope that this dog is able to find the forever home that he deserves soon. Kudos to this shelter for providing him with a place to stay in the meantime.

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