Dogs Can Get Sunburned – Here’s How to Protect Your Pup From The Sun’s Rays

When it comes to summer fun, most of us will first turn our attention to spending time outside. It just seems as if we are cooped up all winter long and when the weather breaks, we head out to get some sunshine. Of course, we are aware of the fact that the sun can damage our skin so we take the appropriate precautions. What you might not know if that our dogs are also in danger from the sun’s rays.

That’s right, you need to make sure your dog is protected this summer as well. If you don’t take the necessary steps to protect them, they can suffer from a nasty sunburn. Here is what you need to know.

According to our research, dogs can actually suffer from a sunburn and if they are not treated, it could be serious or possibly even deadly. This is a problem for all dogs but there are certain breeds that are more likely to experience the problem. If you have one of the following breeds, be extra careful.

Chinese Cresteds
American Staffordshire
White German Shepherds

You should also be cautious if you have a mutt with lighter fur or patches without hair. That exposed skin makes it more likely for them to burn in the sun.

This is scary news but you can take steps to protect your furry friend when they are enjoying the sunshine with you.

1. Dog-Safe Sunscreen

This is good for protecting the most sensitive areas of the dog, such as the paws and nose. Any area that is not covered with fur should be covered with sunscreen. Be cautious of areas that your dog can lick and make sure you invest in non-toxic sunscreen for that reason.

2. Use Your Kid’s Sunscreen

Most sunscreen for children is also safe for dogs. Choose an SPF 30-50 and ask your vet before you use it.

3. Beware of Peak Hours

If you want to give your dog some extra protection, make sure you keep them in the shade between the hours of 10am and 2pm. You still need to pay attention to them anytime they are in the sun but pay special attention during those peak hours with the sun’s rays are the strongest.

4. Dress Your Dog

Protective clothing is not just for humans. Although you might not want to dress your pit-bull in a polka-dot dress, you can get some dog-friendly clothing with UV protection.

5. Watch for Symptoms

When a dog gets sunburned, they will probably have similar symptoms to what you would have. It could include red or blistered skin, pain when touched and chills.

Make sure you protect your dogs this summer but if they are outside with you, be aware of the possibility of a burn and take the appropriate action.

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