Mom’s Heartbreaking Facebook Post Shows The Dangers Of Infants Sleeping In Adult Beds

Any parent will tell you it’s simple and effortless to become overly worried about your babies health, it happens immediately!  It doesn’t go away I still worry about my 18 year old when she’s not with me.

But those first couple of weeks, you’re a crazy lady!

Each stage of a child’s life gets them past certain dangers, like SIDS, or opening cabinet doors and getting into something they shouldn’t, but it also opens doors  to new dangers.

It’s tough in the middle of the night when they wake up and all you want to do is sleep so you slip them into bed with you.  The temptation to let them lay in the bed while you go to the bathroom, do your makeup or grab a shower   can lead to scary consequences, which is what happened to the Mom of 6 month old Colton.

Paige Ferguson and her husband Blake were spending time at a friend’s house when Colton fell asleep. They placed the 6 month old on a bed that was only two feet off the floor.  The made the “barrier” of pillows, like all of us have done.  A few minutes later they heard a loud thud and then the dreaded crying. When they got to Colton he was alert and even smiling.

The paranoid parents, (thank goodness in this case)  took Colton to the doctor to get the bump on his head checked out. They fully expected the doctor to give him a clean bill of health…That didn’t happen!

Colton had sustained a head injury that kills most babies.

“Colton had fractured his skull, which resulted in him bleeding half of his blood volume into his brain. Despite the large team of some 20 doctors and nurses on the floor caring for Colton, Paige couldn’t get a definitive answer as to whether or not her baby would be OK.”

Colton’s health got even worse.  The infant was bleeding so much that he had had a heart attack.  An MRI scan revealed that he had sustained were so severe that the chances of him surviving the injury were slim.  Doctors told her that even if he did survive, he’d either live in a vegetative state or with a severe disability.

Paige was devastated she decided to share her story on Facebook to warn other mothers about the dangers of allowing babies to sleep on adult beds.

I have really been contemplating posting this. But, i need Colton to be an advocate. I need people to realize the…

Posted by Paige Ferguson on Monday, March 19, 2018

After a long  month , Colton finally opened his eyes but he still wasn’t out of danger. He suffered seizures but he was responding to his parent’s voice! The best news was he was no longer in a vegetative state.

Colton had a pretty good night. His heart rate dropped a couple of times but it came back up pretty quick. He's a smiley…

Posted by Paige Ferguson on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Colton was finally able to come home with his family, where his older brother, Brennan was waiting for him!

Two of my sweet babies. Brennan is the best brother! ????????????

Posted by Paige Ferguson on Sunday, June 17, 2018

Look at that big smile!  Being outside is like heaven to little boys!

???????????????????????? summer fun!

Posted by Paige Ferguson on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Send Colton all your prayers and good thoughts in the comments!

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