Dogs Chased Ambulance For Miles And Waited Outside Hospital Overnight For Owner To Recover

Luiz may be a homeless man but he is rich in love! He is well known on the streets of Brazil because he has a very unique entourage. Luiz might not have a home to go to each day but he is never, ever lonely. He’s got six dogs to keep him company throughout the day. The loyalty that these dogs have should never be questioned.

He was rushed to the Santa Casa Hospital and the dogs were not going to leave his side. Can you believe that they chased after the ambulance the whole way there? This was not just a mere trip around the block, either. These dogs ran after the ambulance for several miles. Once they arrived, they perched themselves by the front doors and waited.

Simone works as a volunteer for a local animal welfare group. As someone who works with the good folks at Amigos de Patas, she has seen a lot of crazy things over the course of her life. Even she had to admit that she had never seen something quite like this. The dogs even started to howl while they were waiting, as a means of crying out for their owner.

Luiz spent 24 hours inside the hospital and the dogs never ever took off. They were not going to go anywhere until they got a report about their owner. Poor Luiz left the hospital through a different door than the one he had entered and had no idea that the animals had trailed him for so long. Their display of loyalty was very humbling.

Luiz experiences psychiatric issues and while his family has offered to help, he turns them away. According to Luiz, the streets are his home and the dogs have become brothers in arms. Simone says that she took the dogs to a kennel so that they could wait for him in peace. The dogs would have none of it and broke out almost immediately.

It is safe to say that these dogs are not going to allow for any sort of prolonged separation to take place. They are now happily reunited and running the streets together once again. This is not the life that most of us would have chosen for ourselves but if Luiz is happy? We are happy! Please share this happy story with your friends and loved ones.

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