Dogs From Overcrowded Home Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued

A home in Hull, England was recently the subject of an RSPCA investigation. Neighbors had been monitoring the residence and they expressed concerns. When the investigators arrived, they learned that the home was full of dogs that were being forced to live in atrocious conditions. The animals were going to need to be rescued from the squalor right away if they were going to be given the chance to enjoy a better life.

Jilly Dickinson is the investigator who was called to the scene. She was flabbergasted by what she found. “The environment was not at all suitable for these dogs, who were all very nervous,” according to Dickinson, who issued a press release after the rescue was complete. Half of the dogs were residing in the house and the other half was stuck outside in the garden’s outbuilding.

Both structures were in horrible condition. Nine dogs were taken from the residence. Melanie Jayne Melville was responsible for their environment. From the looks of it, the woman simply became overwhelmed by the responsibility. She had too many dogs to take care of but meant well. She was offered the advice that she needed to make things right.

The rescuers tried to work with her. They wanted to give the woman an honest chance to fix things. The dogs needed to be in a cleaner environment and they needed to socialize more. When Jilly returned, she found that the conditions were even worse. The dogs were finally removed at this time. Now, they have a whole new lease on life.

Once they realized that they were finally free of these squalid conditions, they could not stop grinning. Their smiles were infectious. How can you see these dogs’ smiles and not want to grin right back at them? Why, you would have to be dead inside. The poorly socialized animals were still happy to be around people in spite of what they had been through. They are described as being very eager to please.

If you would like to assist these dogs in finding a forever home, be sure to contact the RSPCA to learn more. Those who are looking to assist the dogs can also share this story, so that awareness can be raised about their plight. Let’s all do our part to make sure that these dogs are able to enjoy the life that they deserve. We sincerely hope that these nine dogs are never left in such a terrible predicament again.

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