Dogs Saved From The Meat Market Were So Overjoyed To See Rescuers

No animal should ever be forced to endure what these dogs have had to go through. That is the first thought of anyone who has been exposed to the deplorable conditions that these animals lived through. These animals were made to live in tiny wire cages and they not given access to the proper nourishment. This is a life that no dog ever deserves to live.

They were packed so tightly that they could not move. As a result of these conditions, they developed sores and were unable to breathe. Over 200 dogs were made to live this way at a South China meat market. The animals were merely biding their time until they were sold off and slaughtered. Fortunately, the dogs received the help that they needed in the nick of time.

A group of activists arrived on the scene and they were not going to allow these dogs to experience any more cruelty. When the truck was passing through the town of Hunan, it was stopped and the dogs received the help that they needed. The local authorities were contacted and the dogs were removed from the truck immediately. The driver was clearly not able to prove ownership over the dogs and that was that.

The dogs had definitely seen better days but they were finally free from this awful existence. Rescue facilities and local animal hospitals took the dogs in to provide them with the help that they needed. Humane Society International was instrumental during this process. The dogs were finally going to have the second chance at life that they truly deserved.

This story is especially sad when you consider the fact that the dogs clearly knew just how dire their situation was. The rescuers believed that the dogs instinctively knew that they were being saved once the truck was stopped. The broken bones and maggots that were caused by their squalid conditions would finally become a thing of the past.

Sadly, all of the dogs were not given this opportunity. 13 of the dogs who were rescued passed away before they had the chance to mend their wounds. What is even more shocking is that these dogs have not become distrustful of people. They are still every bit as friendly and playful as any other dogs would be. As soon as their recovery is finished, Humane Society International is going to place them in the forever homes that they truly deserve. Glad to see that a sad story comes with such a happy ending.

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