Driver Sees Something Moving In A Ditch And Finds Puppy Abandoned In The Cold

We cannot understand the rationale that allows some people to ditch a defenseless creature. Why someone would force an animal that did nothing wrong to fend for themselves is beyond us.

The puppy in this story recently experienced such difficulties and our heart goes out to them. It is hard to imagine abandoning a full grown dog but a puppy? People are absolute monsters.

Tegan was driving down a Wisconsin road earlier this month when she saw the most amazing thing. There was movement coming from the roadside. When she looked towards the ditch that she was driving towards, she could sense movement. She pulled over to see what was hiding in the ditch and she was shocked to find a tiny puppy who had been left for dead.

She was not about to leave him behind like all of the others did, either. Tegan immediately scooped up the dog and brought them to her car. The heat would do the animal a lot of good.

Once the dog was safely inside of the car, she decided to let her Twitter followers know about the experience. This is one live tweeting session we wish we could have been present for.

The dog was given a cheese stick to enjoy in the meantime, as Tegan thought about what should be done next. She elected to sneak the dog into work underneath her vest.

He even got a brand new name: Larry. She and Larry became fast friends as well. Her coworkers knew what was going on but were not looking to hassle her about it in any way.

We wish that we had coworkers who knew how to mind their own business when we are smuggling dogs into the building! Fortunately, her job also provides her with the option of working from home.

She returned to work, grabbed her things and set about the task of helping the dog find a home. Tegan immediately contacted local animal shelters and got the answers she needed.

As it turns out, Larry comes from a family of women. He’s got four sisters to call his own. The sisters had already been taken to the shelter and now Larry would have the chance to join them.

Tegan is going to taking home for good once he has received the proper medical attention, though. What a happy ending to an otherwise sad story. Please take a moment to share this tale with your closest friends and loved ones.

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