Family Desperately Searches For Lost Dog Then Gets Call From US Coast Guard

Having a beloved pet take off when you are in a different location is a tough pill to swallow. Those who lose a dog when they are away from home have a tough task ahead of them. They are left with a tough decision to make as well. Do they head back home and try to return for their pet later or do they extend their stay at the location where the loss occurred?

Lydia and Kailaan are a couple who was forced to endure this dilemma during the holiday season. They were visiting family away from home when their beloved dog ran off. Unfortunately, they had to head back to their residence before they even had a chance to find their beloved pooch. It did not take long before they received an awesome surprise.

The couple was in the process of taking their dogs for a walk on St. Joseph Island when the incident took place. Logan took off running into the woods and sadly, the pup did not know the area very well. The couple spent days looking for Logan but to no avail. Eventually, they had to call it quits and head back home to their residence in southern Ontario.

Finally, they received from back in the States. Their dog had been found in Michigan. The US Coast Guard had come across their dog and was letting them know that they could reunite with him at their leisure. The Coast Guard members knew that Logan would be scared but they coaxed him inside with the prospect of a nice meal. From there, Kailaan and Lydia would be able to come pick him up soon.

They even let the local vet know about his wounded paws. The animal was frostbitten and needed serious help. He was given the bandages he needed and antibiotic ointment was also applied to the area. When he was finally given the chance to reunite with his loved ones, he was beyond happy. “[His] “eyes were wide and his ears were going every which way”, says Lydia.

If this story made you as happy as it did us, be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. The animal lovers in your life are sure to appreciate this one to the fullest extent. We cannot get enough of this adorable reunion and we are glad that the Coast Guard saw fit to help this family during a difficult time.

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