Dying 10-week-old puppy given away for free is finally getting a chance at life

Little Logan was born into a world that did not know what to do with him. The poor pup was diagnosed with a heart condition and his prognosis was believed to be grim. While his initial life expectancy was rather short, the dog is now receiving a much needed second chance at life. A Colorado veterinarian has decided to intervene. This man believes that he can save Logan’s life.

Dr. Scansen is going to be helping Logan as much as he can. Once the pup has a chance to meet with the good doctor, the surgery will be performed shortly thereafter. Rescued Hearts Northwest took in the dog after he struggled to find another facility that was willing to do so. The first agency that took him in did not have the resources to properly care for him.

A local Facebook group had posted Logan. This is how he attracted the attention of Rescued Hearts Northwest. Sadly, the dog was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition shortly after. Pulmonic Valve Dysplasia is a very serious disorder. Logan’s foster parents knew that they needed to make his final days on this planet as special as possible.

They crafted a bucket list for Logan that would allow him to live out all of his wildest dreams. He was certainly going to be living his best life! One of the items that was placed on the bucket list was an ambitious one. The foster family wanted to make sure that Logan received 100 hugs from loving humans in the area before he moved on to a better place.

This goal may not have seemed easy to achieve. There are some who were probably skeptical. However, this is one family that is able to silence all of the haters. Not only did Logan get all 100 hugs but it is estimated that he received at least four times that many! As it turns out, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to hug an awesome pup.

To find out more about this family’s goals and how they were able to achieve them, be sure to check out the clip below. Fun fact: Logan has now received so many hugs from various well wishers, the family has lost their ability to keep track. We wish him all of the best on his upcoming surgery and hope that he makes the most of his second chance.

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