Dog Cries Watching Emotional Scene In ‘The Lion King

Anyone who has ever seen The Lion King before can tell you that it is a tough watch at times. Who among us didn’t start bawling like a baby when Mufasa passed away? Maybe you did not cry but this is of little solace to those who are not dead inside! Those of us who have found ourselves crying at a wide array of Disney films would do well to consider the story of this dog.

While there are some who allow themselves to believe that animals are not capable of experiencing emotions in the same way that humans do, this dog is here to dispel that silly notion. Our furry friend is as sad as can be. Of course, it is the famous scene where Mufasa is killed by his backstabbing brother that has reduced the pooch to a puddle of tears.

If you were to rank the movie scenes that are most likely to reduce any living creature to tears, this would definitely be at the top of the list. Josh Myers decided to provide us with a clip of his dog Luna, as she tried her best to enjoy the film. Much to our surprise, she seems to fully grasp what is taking place and is very into the movie.

When Simba’s father is killed by his own brother, we are always going to want to cry. We are not sure if this was Luna’s first time seeing it but her reaction suggests as much. She sees Mufasa succumbing to his injuries and absolutely loses it. No one tell her that the lion is really not dead! Maybe Dad should just start the movie back over again.

The funniest part of all is that Luna was not even watching that intently at first. According to Josh, she was multitasking. Luna might have been playing with her toys at first but this is serious business. Of course, the video has already gone viral. Josh shared it on his Facebook expecting some laughs from loved ones but millions of people identify with this touching moment.

If you loved this clip as much as we did, be sure to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. Lovers of The Lion King are sure to appreciate this one. It is good to know that we are not the only ones who cried like babies when we first saw Mufasa get taken from his only son.

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