Teen Girl Rides Horse 6 Miles Through Snowstorm To Reach Stranded Truck Driver

In a world where we are constantly hearing complaints about teenagers and how they don’t even care anymore, stories like these are always welcome. When a horrific snowstorm struck the local populace up in Manitoba, this Canadian teen would stop at nothing to help others. Eileen Eagle Bears was watching the local traffic cameras intently and noticed something concerning.

While most of the highways were clear, she saw something scary on the aforementioned cameras. There was a man trapped inside of his car and he did not look like he had any way out. He was stuck inside of a semi truck that was roughly three miles from Eileen’s house. She knew that she needed to help right away. Otherwise, this stranger would be in very dire straits.

She decided to sleep on it at first. If the man was still stranded come morning, she would do whatever it took to help out. When she woke up the next day, he was still there. At this time, she asked her trusty horse if he would be willing to take the trip with her. Mr. Smudge was more than happy to help out. The two took off into the snow with reckless abandon.

This may not have been the safest choice to make but Eileen knew that the man needed her. If she was not willing to step up and help him, who would be? It was a three mile trip through the snow but she and the horse made their way to the man with relative ease. Can you believe that Eileen had even brought some piping hot coffee for the man to drink?

He was absolutely stunned when he saw who had come to save him. The poor man had fallen asleep inside of the truck during the course of the night. Who knows what would have happened to him if Eileen had not come along? She even told the driver that she would be willing to come back for him again if he remained stranded later that day.

This is the type of rescue video that has to be seen to be believed. Eileen and her horse were glad to be of assistance, though. There are not too many teens out there who would have been willing to sacrifice like this. As a matter of fact, there are not too many adults who would have helped out like this, either. Please share this amazing story as soon as possible!

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