Dying Man’s Last Wish Was To Try And Find Homes For His 27 Dogs

Richard Ewers is the sort of person who is willing to give his life to help animals. The San Antonio resident has spent years assisting animals that have been abandoned. These are the animals that are most likely to fall through the cracks. He was not the type to simply rescue the animals and turn them over to the authorities, either. He goes above and beyond.

Over the years, he has accumulated 27 animal. They are all residing on his property. Most of these animals were feral dogs. As you may have guessed, they would not have found homes otherwise. These are the animals who are most likely to be euthanized when they are dropped off at various shelters. Richard knew that they would never would have had a chance without him.

Unfortunately, Richard has received a devastating medical diagnosis of his own. He is terminally ill and does not have much time left. He was diagnosed with a terminal form of stomach cancer. He is 71 but he is more worried about making sure that the animals are going to be well taken care of after he is gone. Most of us would be trying to cross everything else off our bucket lists.

Not Richard, though. The level of compassion that he has shown to these animals is unfathomable. Rescue organizations in the area pitched in to help out. Can you believe that they were able to find homes for more than half of the dogs by the time Richard was in the final weeks of his life? The online community took notice of his plight and was more than happy to help.

Those who could not provide the dogs with a home decided to offer generous donations instead. We are glad to see so many people rallying together like this. While several dogs still remained on the property once Richard was preparing to head to hospice, it is our proud duty to report that each of these animals has a plan in place. They are going to be okay, folks.

“It is with great sorrow that we have to let everyone know that Mr. Richard passed away last night. We do believe he found a sense of peace knowing his dogs would be ok.

We received word last night shortly after we left his house after feeding the dogs and setting final plans for the sanctuary to pick up.”

“Lucky made it to his new home today and the sanctuary will be here in San Antonio on Monday to receive the others. We do plan to keep the page going for a while so we can give follow-ups on everyone’s progress in their new lives. Thank you goes out to everyone for your shares, your prayers, your donations, and all the volunteers that helped through the past year and a half.”

Richard eventually passed away but he did so with the necessary peace of mind. He does not have to worry about these animals and whether they are going to have a decent place to stay. Please share this amazing story with all of the dog lovers that you know. They are sure to appreciate the hard work that Richard has put in to make sure that his pals are still being looked after.

Source: Relieved.co

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