Electrician Fixes Broken Heater For Free, But Couple Lures Him Back With Fake Inspection

If you live anywhere in the north at this time of year, you need no one to tell you that it is cold out there. When Stacy and Josh Lemonds came home to find out that their heat was no longer working, they felt as if there was nothing that could be done. The couple, who live in Oklahoma City were facing the potential of dealing with freezing temperatures inside of their home.

The problem occurred because the electric company decided the meter was a fire hazard because the wires were corroded. They shut off the electricity and the Lemonds were not able to have it turned back on until it was both repaired and inspected.

The problem is, Stacy and Josh were both out of work and struggling with their finances. They weren’t able to afford the repairs necessary, and they felt helpless.

In the midst of all of the turmoil and stress, a man by the name of Joshua Matthews reached out to them to provide assistance. They had learned that Joshua’s wife was sick after meeting him through a marriage group. Stacy and Josh took meals to him and they did so without any thought of repayment. Little did they realize that they would be repaid in such a large way.

Joshua is an apprentice with Dane Electric. He offered to help them and spent the next few days working to repair their heat. He was there through the cold temperatures and rain, going up and down slippery ladders and sometimes, working in the darkness.

Joshua and Dane Electric were able to repair the problems so that the Lemonds’ electricity was completely fixed and up to code. The best part was, he did so without charging the couple.

A few days later, Joshua was asked to return to the home of Stacy and Josh. He thought he was there for a re-inspection but it was really just a way to get him back so that they could provide him with a surprise.

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