Google’s Super Bowl Commercial Targeted 7% of People Familiar With These Codes

Most people who watched the entire Super Bowl did so for a single reason, to see the commercials. After all, it was probably the only part worth watching.

The big game just happened to be the lowest scoring of all time so it was somewhat of a snoozer. For those who happened to doze off, you may just have missed one of the greatest commercials ever played during the Super Bowl.

For those who did see it, the odds are that you didn’t quite ‘get it’. I’m talking about the Google commercial that showed images of numerous service members along with some odd looking code.

If you happen to be in the military, the code will not be quite so mysterious.

“To most of you, these codes don’t mean anything; you’ve probably never seen them or heard them,” the narrator of the commercial says. “But 7 percent of you have. The 7 percent that have spent weeks or months away from family. The 7 percent that sleep in the cold. Sleep in the rain and sometimes, don’t sleep at all. The 7 percent that keep us safe.”

If you are still a little confused over the codes, it was Google’s intention that you look into it further. AdAge breaks it down on a more basic level:

“An 11-Bravo is an infantryman, more commonly known as a “grunt;” 21-Echo is a heavy construction equipment operator, for example. With Google’s new feature, someone who served as a 12-Bravo (combat engineer), can search for civilian jobs related to their field by entering “jobs for 12B,” for instance.”

With the commercialism that has been associated with the Super Bowl in recent years, it is refreshing to see something that is not asking you to pull out your wallet. Google seemed to hit this one on the head. Just in case you missed it, you can see the video right here:

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