Etsy is selling a six-person swing table that can be assembled in under an hour

If you have been on the hunt for unique furniture, then a Bronx-based Etsy shop in New York might just be what you’ve been looking for. SwingTables has a new table design that replaces chairs with swings. While it might sound strange at first, the design certainly works. The new design in question is constructed out of a rectangular stainless steel frame and comes with six walnut-topped swing chairs that surround a matching walnut-topped table.

According to SwingTables, each one of their swing designs can sustain up to 350 pounds. If you’re interested, but not sure if you would have the room to place it somewhere, the swing table’s measurements are 82 inches long, 84 inches tall, and 48 inches wide.

Each of their swing table designs are made to order and get shipped in three to five weeks using white glove delivery. The only downside is that you’ll need to assemble them yourself upon arrival, but thankfully it only takes an hour to put together. Not too bad, right?

Another cool feature is that the tables can be designed in a range of sizes, meaning you can choose two or four-person ones instead of the six-seater. Not just that, but the colors can be varied as well and you can purchase ones in pink, yellow, or green, for example.

If you’re already liking what you see and want to learn more and explore your options, you can contact them for more info.

What do you think? Would you purchase a swing seat table for your dining room?

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