Extremely Rare Two-Headed Venomous Snake Discovered In Virginia

Those who consider themselves snake specialists often feel as if they know everything that there is to know about the topic. However, a recent discovery that has taken place in Northern Virginia has set the community abuzz. A baby copperhead was discovered in the region by a local homeowner. While this would not typically be cause for alarm, the snake came with quite the caveat.

The baby was found with two heads! If you are anything like us, the concept of snakes gives you the creeps. Now there are snakes with two heads to contend with? This is almost too much to bear. The snake that was found in Virginia is venomous and was transported away from the homeowner’s property. The Wildlife Center of Virginia is now responsible for the snake.

Further tests need to be done, of course. The two heads actually share one heart but the snake also has two esophaguses and two trachea. One of the heads is more dominant than the other but they each have biting capability. Both heads are also more than capable of devouring their prey. The left head is the dominant head and experts are looking to find out even more.

The snake is going to remain under their observation for the time being as they try to glean as much as information as possible. The snake cannot be viewed by the general public yet. We are not sure why anyone would even want to look at this snake but God bless their hearts. These snakes tend to be rare but they do have the ability to survive in the wild.

Predators are able to snag these two headed snakes, though. This makes it tougher for them to survive in the wild. It takes the two headed snake much longer to eat than their typical counterparts. Thanks to these longer eating periods, this provides plenty of time for predators to swoop in and make quick work of these anomalies.

This may come as a relief to some. Who really wants a world that is overrun with two headed snakes, anyways? Not us, that is for sure. The fact that they have two brains also makes them slower to respond to perceived threats. Guess the whole “two heads are better than one” idea is not as true as we would like to think it is, huh? If you would like to check out a clip of this creature, take a look below.

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