Dad Introduces Baby To Chihuahua For First The Time, But Dog’s Reaction Catches Mom Off Guard

When Yvonne and Eddie found out that they were expecting, they were beyond happy. While the couple was obviously very excited about the prospect of bringing a little one into the world, their dog may have been even more hyped up than they were. Quica is a Chihuahua and she is a very loving dog. So loving, in fact, that she was willing to guard her mother’s pregnant belly for the duration of the pregnancy.

Once Nicholas was born and it was time to bring him home, Quica was ready. She had spent nine long months playing guard dog and she wanted to meet her new little brother, dang it! Yvonne and Eddie were a bit nervous at first. They were not sure how she would react. Would she be happy to see her little brother Nicholas? Or would she be upset about the potential loss of attention?

As it turns out, they had absolutely nothing to worry about. They gave Quica the opportunity to meet Nicholas and she was clearly head over heels in love already. It is believed that parents should be willing to take certain steps before they bring a baby home, especially when they have a dog. Giving the dog a chance to smell the baby’s blanket is helpful.

Dogs should also not have a baby forced on them. They should be able to take their time when they are meeting any new people…..let alone a baby. When Quica finally got to meet Nicholas, it was as if she innately understood what was expected out of her. This is one dog that definitely knows how to read the room and act accordingly.

The parents placed their child on the ground next to Nicholas and Quica did the only thing that she could do. She rolled over onto her belly. This was her way of letting Nicholas and her parents know that she did not mean any harm. Mom and Dad were incredibly relieved by the situation. It was clear to see that these two would become fast friends.

If you would like Quica and Nicholas’ first meeting, we urge you to check out this video. This is one of the most heartwarming introductions that we have ever had the chance to see for ourselves. We hope that this family sees fit to provide us with updates as these two develop a closer friendship.

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