Beauty Queen Faces Severe Backlash Over Comments She Made About Trophy Hunting

Olivia Nalos Opre and her husband, Tom Opr have become known worldwide in the past few years. They have even made headlines because of their hobby, which is trophy hunting.

Olivia was back in the news last week once again after appearing on ITV’s This Morning. She had some rather controversial comments on hunting endangered animals, something that she chooses to do.

A video call was made from her home in Wyoming. Olivia, who was the former Miss Nebraska in 2003, explained her love for the sport and talked about the importance of hunting.

“I think what it is, it’s bringing me to a place where I get to be a part of these wild places. And amongst the people of these areas, it’s the adventure, it’s the pursuit,” she said. “It’s something that pushes you to a limit you are not comfortable with and it takes you out of your comfort zone and for me, hunting is just being in the wild.”

She then opened up a can of worms when she started bragging about her ‘extensive list’ of adventure hunting trips. It included searching for prey in six different continents.

“I’ve been on about 40 safaris in eight different countries so about 100 species altogether I’d say,” said the mother-of-four. According to her Facebook bio, she has hunted in Benin, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Mongolia, France, Spain, Romania, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the United States.”

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the hosts of This Morning were then told: “hunters are the ones that are giving so much back to preserving the wild species.”

Olivia continued, “No photographer is going to go to Liberia to take a photograph. But hunters have that desire to see new areas, and as a result of these hunters coming in, they’re creating jobs, they’re helping to drill wells and take animal censuses, and what’s most important is the anti-poaching efforts.”

She also spoke about Safari Club International and other organizations that fund research associated with hunting that is to ensure that “the numbers are sustainable.”

“There are biologists that have been paid for by hunters’ trophy dollars that go in and take censuses,” she claimed.

As you can imagine, social media was buzzing with comments and they were not positive. Olivia has been labeled as ‘vile’, ‘evil’ and even a ‘scumbag’ for her actions and for defending other hunters. This included Brittany Longoria, who was recently seen in a social media picture carrying a dead leopard.

Olivia has faced this type of negative reaction before. She talked about her love of the sport last year and as a result, she received a number of death threats. That was especially true after Cecil the Lion was killed.

Even though she has received strong opposition, it has not slowed her down from engaging in these types of hunts. She put behind the beauty pageants a number of years ago to go after her ‘greatest passion’. That passion, in her words, is “to educate the public about the important role hunters play as stewards of nature and humanitarians.”

The former beauty queen has been hunting since she was 16 years old. She is now 41 and the cohost of a TV show, Eye of the Hunter. She is also an adventure consultant for World of Hunting Adventure.

Here’s a clip from her interview:

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