15 Things Every Dog Owner Should Have That Will Make Their Life Easier

I’m sure that every dog owner would agree that the sun rises and sets on their pets. They just seem to have the ability to wrap themselves around our heart and take over our lives.

I can’t tell you how many times people have looked at me sideways because I was busy talking to my dogs as if they understood every word I was saying. What is funnier is the fact that I didn’t care what they thought.

This is the skinny; I love my dogs and I try to do everything I can to enhance their lives in the best way possible. This means that I will purchase plenty of toys, gadgets, and treats and I continue to look for the latest and greatest.

If you’re looking for some things to make your life and your pets life a little bit better, here are the top 15 you can choose from.

1. DOTT Smart Dog Tag Tracker

We all enjoy having dogs but if you have ever had a dog that ran away, you realize that it is both frustrating and frightening. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having your dog disappear and be gone for an entire day. When that happens, you will wish you had this tracker so you can get them back within minutes.

The system is relatively easy to grasp and it is quite clever. It is basically a ‘digital leash’ that can let you track down your dog at any time when they are out of range. The good news is that the battery will last anywhere from 6-9 months, so you will have plenty of time to track them down.

This one has a better functionality than other trackers and it is specifically targeted for your canine. It will help to keep track of them on their daily walks, their medications and will even provide weather warnings.

Considering that you get all of this for only $40, it can really give you peace of mind.

2. Pooch Selfie

Some people may consider this one a little goofy but anybody who really loves their animals will understand why this is a necessary item. After all, we don’t all have somebody who will sit there and take the dozens of pictures necessary so that one turns out ‘just right’. All you really need to do with this item is to snap a picture and you would be surprised with how perfect it is, each and every time.

For only $10, this one’s a no-brainer.

3. Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

I never really thought of this before but once you have one of these at your disposal, you will never want to live without it.

All of us have experienced the frustration of little paw prints all around the house after we bring our little furry friend inside. This little gadget takes care of it with some soft silicone bristles that will get all of the debris out of their fur so they are clean and ready to come inside.

You can choose from a number of different sizes.

4. Dog Licking Pad For Baths

Very few people enjoy giving their dog a bath but it is one of those necessary things we need to do if you don’t want a stinky pooch around your home. Sometimes it is just a matter of distraction and this little gadget provides it in great measure. Just dab a little peanut butter on the pad and you’ll be on your way to giving your dog a happy bath.

Make bath time less stressful with this gadget

5. Pawtection paw protector

One of the problems with a dog’s paws is the fact that they get cracked and dry but it is not necessary for it to happen. This little protector helps to keep them soft and protected. When there is anything irritating on the ground, it can be painful for the dog but applying a little of this ingenious invention will help to protect their toes.

It is easy to apply and is similar to a stick of deodorant. You can get yours here and use it for a long time.

6. Dog Dremel for Nails

It can be difficult to do your dog’s nails but it doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Many of us worry about clipping their nails because we don’t want to catch the quick and hurt them but this little Dremel tool makes it very unlikely to happen.

You can also buff the edges of the trimmed nails so they are not sharp when they jump on your lap. It’s easy to do and many dogs prefer it to traditional clippers, although there are some who don’t like the sound.

You can get your Dremel here.

7. Dog Feeder Tracker

One of the difficulties of owning a dog is remembering if you fed them. Of course, it gets even worse when we have many members of the family who are responsible for the same task. That is no longer going to be a problem thanks to this ingenious device. Just put it by the food dish and you will never have to wonder again.

You can buy your dog feeder tracker here

8. Treat Stuffed Toys

Don’t allow boredom to overtake your dog. Just fill these simple toys which treats and it will both distract them and help clean their teeth.

Pick up your treat toy here

9. Pet IQ Treat Ball

Some dogs tend to gain weight quickly and it may be because they eat their food so fast. Those chow hounds will then come back for more and it is difficult to resist feeding them again.

This little invention is filled up with kibbles and it takes a while before they can push it around and get everything out. Along with slowing them down while they eat, it helps to keep them stimulated.

Challenge your dog with this treat ball

10. Slow Feeder Dog Dish

If your dog is one of those fast eaters, you can do something else for them along with the treat ball shown above. You can get one of these slow feeders and it will help your dog to slow down rather than inhaling all of their food as soon as it hits the bowl.

You can slow down how quickly your dog eats by picking up one of these unique dog dishes

11. Grooming Gloves

All dogs enjoy being petted and most of them enjoy being groomed. Why not do both the same time with these gloves? Give them lots of love while you are also helping to keep all of that extra fur out of your home.

You can even use these in the bath for shampooing your fur friend. Pick up a set here.

12. Pawbo

Do you ever miss your dog when you’re at home? We all do but sometimes it is just necessary to leave them behind when we are going to work or perhaps quickly running to the store. That is where this unique device comes in.

The Wi-Fi camera in this device transmits video to an app on your smartphone. It even has a built in microphone see you can have a chat with your pet. If you want to play with your pet while you’re out there is a laser game installed and treats can be dispensed remotely.

When your dog lines up for a perfect picture, it will snap one for you automatically. This is a great way to keep an eye on your pet.

Any pet lover would want one and it is a perfect gift. Pick yours up here.

13. Pet First Aid Kit

You can click this little first-aid kit onto your dog’s leash and have everything you would need in an emergency situation. It’s a great idea if you hike with your pet or even if you just walk them around the block. It includes gloves, antiseptic wipes, bandages and much more.

Get your pet first aid kit here

14. Dog DNA Test Kits

Many of us have a beloved ‘Mutt’ and we may always wonder what different breeds are included. We try our best to make a guess from the way that they look but sometimes, we want a little more than guesswork.

This unique testing device can identify the breeds that are in your dog’s DNA. It even provides the percentages so you know exactly what type of dog they are.

Improvements in accuracy are ongoing and drug sensitivities can even be identified. If there are genetic health concerns they will also be outlined.

You can get your genetic dog testing kit here.

Another test kit that is available is the Embark kit. It is similar but has higher claims of accuracy. That is due to a large DNA database that uses information associated with the traits of each breed. It provides a lot of detail but it is more expensive, although you can find out 20 times more information about your dog’s genetic makeup.

Get yours here

15. Pill Pockets

Did you ever have to give your dog a pill? You realize already that it is quite a struggle but these pill pockets make it a lot simpler. Your dog will think they are just getting a treat but you will know you are taking care of them with medication. It’s true that peanut butter may work for some dogs but if you have a picky dog or some diet restrictions, it’s a great option to consider.

Get your pill pockets here

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