Family Has 7 Rescue Dogs and Every Dog Has Its Own Toddler Bed

Ever since Dani Viverito was a young child, she had always dreamed about bringing stray and injured dogs home. Many children feel that way but her love of animals carried over into her adult life and now she and her husband have seven rescues.

When they find a dog in need, they take them in and give them the best life imaginable. They became rescuers gradually during their 18 1/2 year relationship and during that time, they have rescued almost as many animals.

The dogs come with a variety of stories but they all live under a single roof. A strict routine is followed by everyone in the household to ensure that everything is as smooth as it can be and that no animal is left out of the mix.

Every dog gets along with the others but two of the dogs are more on the unstable side. Mom tends to put five of the dogs on one schedule and the other two on another schedule. She swaps out the dogs every three hours. It helps all seven dogs to have an equal amount of time to snuggle, play, eat and to use the facilities (outside).

Each dog has its own dedicated ‘bedroom’ that contains an individual bed that is their very own. Dani will call out ‘cookie time’ and the dogs know exactly what to do. The toddler beds that are available for these animals are just the right size.

“Jax, Sasha and Annabelle are in one room and Muppet is in the other with Harlin. When Tyler and Tucker are down they each have their own room,” Dani said.

The idea for buying every dog in its own bed started because there were a few queen-size mattresses for the dogs. At times, they had a difficult time getting up into the bed or on the sofa. The mattresses were also difficult to move around and they weren’t the easiest to keep clean. Smaller, individual mattresses made all of the difference.

Now that the dogs have their own toddler beds, all of the sheets can be washed at the same time. The comforters can also be washed two at a time and it makes it much easier to vacuum, sweep and mop in the area.

Living with seven rescues is not always the easiest and it takes a lot of work. Dani and her husband will tell you that it is worth all of the effort and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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