Police Officer Sees Tiny Baby Owl And Has The Most Adorable Conversation With Her

The Boulder Police Department has two deputies that recently found themselves in an interesting situation. They were cruising past a local campground when they spied a small animal in the middle of the road. As the deputies got closer to the animal, they realized that they had stumbled across a baby owl….a Northern Saw-Whet owl to be perfectly exact.

The baby owl was clearly a bit out of their element and the deputies wanted to make sure that no harm came to the animal. Once the deputies got closer, they decided to converse with her. She was shocked to see the humans talking to her at first. She twisted her head around to see what was going on and her eyes began to grow wider and wider.

At this time, the deputies realized that it was time to stop filming. They needed to make sure that the owl was safe. They focused their efforts on getting her out of the road before a more careless driver happened to come along. It is believed that the baby owl was out on the prowl. Many of these birds will sit and wait for their prey.

It is entirely possible that these deputies interrupted a cute little owl who was in the process of trying to get some lunch but who knows for sure? We prefer to live in the world where this adorable gal was just out for an afternoon stroll when the officers came along. One thing is for sure: these deputies certainly enjoyed the chat.

After the owl was removed from the road and taken to safety, the Boulder Police Department decided to take some pictures and upload them to Facebook. The owl eventually flew to safety and crisis was averted. We are glad to see some happy stories that involve the police. In a world full of bad news, seeing officers of the law looking out for an innocent animal this way is definitely heartwarming.

This story is a real hoot and a half, if you ask us! Sorry for the pun, we simply could not help ourselves there. This is the sort of video that is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all those who watch it. Be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible! This is one clip that they won’t want to miss.

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