Family Couldn’t Pay Their Bills, So The City Took Their Pug And Sold It On eBay

We sometimes hear about news stories that make us shake our head and wonder about the state of humanity. Perhaps that is how you will feel after you hear this story out of Germany.

A small town in Germany is being hit hard by backlash from the international community. It seems as if they repossessed a family dog and sold it on eBay.

It all began when the town of Ahlen, Germany seized property from one of the citizens who lived there due to unpaid taxes. This includes a tax that is charged in the area to pet owners.

Unfortunately, one of the only valuables that the family owned was a purebred pug, named Edda. An employee from the town put the dog on eBay and auctioned her off for $854.

It happened so quickly that the public really didn’t know what was taking place until after Edda was handed over to the new owner. The government of that town is no facing public ridicule from animal lovers worldwide.

Dirk Schlebes, who is the town treasurer does not have any regrets about taking the dog and having it sold on eBay. He said: “We got a slightly lower price and the money went into the town coffers.”

The trouble for that town is more than just being seen as the ‘bad guy’ by people around the world. They are also being sued by Edda’s new owner. It seems that, since she was bought in December, she has required four eye surgeries.

Michaela Johnson was surprised when she found the pug listed on eBay for half the price she would normally cost. Since buying the dog, however, she has shelled out over $2000 on treatments for the undisclosed illness.

Johnson is suing the city in court to cover the medical bills as well as the original cost of the dog.

The original owners of the dog realize it was legal for her to be taken but the family, including their three children, miss the pet every day.

A spokesman has come forward to say that the town would investigate the scandal. According to that spokesman, however, the sale was ‘legally permissible’.


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