Man Stands On The Street Corner With A Sign Looking For Lost Dog’s Owner

Jason Gasparik was just like anyone else, spending time with friends on a Friday night. When he left to head back home, he saw something during his drive that made him stop dead in his track immediately. He noticed that there was a dog running around inside of the grassy median. Roxy was pacing in circles and looked to be very frightened when Jason found her.

He was not going to let any harm come her way, though. The police were contacted and everyone tried their best to chase the chocolate Lab down. However, she was not having any of that. Even when they tried to bribe her with a treat, she did not stop running. Jason finally came to a realization. If he started to jog lightly, she would actually run with him.

While she was a playful dog, Roxy was also quite wary of people. At long last, she got tired and laid down. Jason seized the opportunity to snatch her up and remove her from the area. When he took her to a local vet clinic, a microchip was found. Unfortunately, the microchip did not provide any additional information. He would need to try harder to locate her loved ones.

What Jason decided to do next was absolutely incredible. Roxy wanted to get lots of snuggles in the meantime but Jason had plenty of work to do. He got started by creating a post about the lost dog on his Facebook page. Meanwhile, all Roxy wanted to do was spend time with her new pal. She may have been nervous at first but she was happy to hang out with Jason.

After not receiving any replies about his Facebook post, he knew it was time to take to the streets. He grabbed a torch and a cardboard sign, so that he could get the dog back the good old fashioned way. Jason was worried that someone would think that he was trying to pull a scam but this was a chance that he was willing to take.

He stayed outside for as long as it took and his efforts were rewarded. Roxy’s owner had spent lots of time driving around looking for her and was beyond relieved to have her back. This is the type of story that makes our day. It is great to see someone who is willing to go above and beyond to help others. Please share this incredible reunion as soon as possible.

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