When This Family Spotted This Creature, They Knew They Had To Move Quickly

Robert and Dee were out for a beautiful walk in South Carolina and they were making their way towards the McTeer Bridge when the most astonishing sight caught their eye. They saw something that gave them pause and they decided to get their boat so that they could take a closer look at what was happening. Are you able to see what this couple saw?

That’s right, it is a little creature hiding out from the world! The little guy was hanging on for dear life when they found him. We have no idea how this couple was able to see the creature but we commend them for being so thoughtful. There are not many people who would have stopped what they were doing to assist a small animal who was in need.

So what kind of animal did this couple find? As they got closer and closer, the answer finally became clear. It was a kitten! The poor little kitten could not have been more than a month old when they found it. They had no clue how the kitten ended up in such a predicament but they knew that they had to help the animal before they ended up drowning.

Once the kitten lost its footing and slipped into the water, it would be much harder to save them. Robert and Dee knew that they would need to act as quickly as possible to save the animal. As soon as they got close to the kitten with their boat, Dee was sure to turn the camera on so that we could watch their daring rescue live and up close.

Because of the tide, it was hard for them to get as close as they wanted to. Dee provided the kitten with some much needed words of encouragement as they attempted to complete the rescue. Finally, Robert was able to place the boat in the right spot so that they could rescue the animal. The kitten was brought to the vet’s office soon after and there were no injuries.

It is believed that the kitten must have been tossed off the bridge by some cruel and careless soul. Otherwise, how would the animal have ended up in such a precarious position? Please share this story to spread awareness about this awesome rescue story. Kudos to Robert and Dee for being willing to step in to help when so many others would not have done so.

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