Mom Shares Heartbreaking Warning After A Nap In The Car Kills Her Baby

Most parents have experienced the scenario that this mother was forced to endure. We’ve all been there before, right? Your child will not stop crying and they will not go to sleep no matter how hard you try. In many instances, a parent decides to strap their child into the car seat and go for a spin around the block. This simple activity relaxes the baby and allows them to drift off into dreamland.

Even parents who have yet to embrace this idea themselves have probably heard of it. Unfortunately, there is one mother who is letting the world know about her tragic story. While it may seem as if the child’s car seat is the best place for them to take a nap, this mother is here to provide a warning. Lisa recently received the worst possible call that a mother could get.

She had left her daughter Mia with the babysitter and was at work when the call came in. The 18 month old child was not waking up from her nap. The sitter had placed her to sleep in the car seat and this position caused her airway to be cut off. Positional apsphyxia is the proper medical care for the tragedy that took place here and the baby likely suffocated because of the position she slept in.

A sleep deprived parent may simply place their child in one of these seats because they are looking to eliminate the difficulties associated with bedtime. That is why this story is so important. Parents must be aware of these dangers. We are deeply saddened by the fact that Lisa had the ultimate price for this practice and we urge readers to share this story as soon as possible.

Parents everywhere need to know about the risk factors that are associated with this common practice. We are willing to bet that there are thousands of parents out there who are completely unaware of the risk that they are taking every time they allow their child to sleep in a car seat instead of their own bed. To hear more from Lisa herself, take a moment to check out the following interview.

Learning more about these dangers just might allow a parent to save their baby’s life and avoid the sort of pain and sadness that Lisa has been made to feel. Kudos to this brave mother for being willing to share her story with the rest of the world. Don’t hesitate to share this important story with all of the parents in your life as soon as possible.

So, today was a little surreal… CNN Headline News called me for an interview. So, ya… keep sharing Mia’s message! The more we share, the more we protect other families. Bless you all.

Posted by Lisa Ellor Smith on Thursday, August 23, 2018

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