Family’s Christmas Card Goes Viral After Single Daughter Decides To Ruin It

When we think of holiday cards, a number of different ideas come to mind. You might be thinking of the sister who has a penchant for dressing up her children identically. You may also be thinking of the couple that is a little bit too eager to do a collaborative Christmas card even though they’ve only been dating for a few months. This family’s Christmas card was a special one, though.

However, it was not special for the reasons that they expected. While we do not want to be annoyed by the Christmas cards that we receive, this one has one minor detail that definitely sticks in our craw. Their unexpected zinger had us roaring with laughter and we are upset that we did not see this one coming. If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to Christmas cards, you’re sorely mistaken.

The Seawright family is seen in the photo with their three daughters on prominent display. Each of their daughters is shown with their significant other and each of them is holding up a different sign. The oldest couple (Mom and Dad) is holding up a sign that says “exciting”, in a winking nod to their boring existence. The next couple says “engaged” and this one needs no explanation.

The same goes for the next couple, whose sign says “expecting”. It is the final sign that has us rolling in the aisles. The youngest daughter in the family is named Emily and we know this because of her awesome sign. She’s not exciting, expecting or engaged. She is just plain old Emily. We can definitely relate to where she is coming from.

That’s why this Christmas card was able to go viral so quickly. We can all remember a time where we spent the holidays with family and were made to feel as if we had not surpassed the milestones that we were supposed to. This is a gag that has been on other holiday cards in the past and we’re not going to lie to you…we will laugh every single time that we see it.

If you’re anything like Emily, then you can definitely relate to cards like these. No one ever be made to feel as if their life is any less meaningful than their loved ones’. This story definitely needs to be shared with our closest friends and family members. They are sure to appreciate Emily’s hilarious holiday card gambit.

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