Meet Knickers, The Giant Australian Cow That’s Bigger Than Most Cars

When we first saw the pictures of Knickers, we thought that we were being victimized by Photoshop. How could one cow be this large? This Western Australian bovine is not a figment of your imagination, though. The giant steer is giving new meaning to the phrase “holy cow”. The animal tips the scales at over 3,000 pounds and stands tall at 6 feet, 4 inches.

Geoff Pearson is the owner of Knickers and he is not willing to sell the animal off. He says that the animal is simply too heavy to be killed off or sold away. Pearson believes that Knickers is better off living happily ever after with him. We are inclined to agree. He does not have the heart to put this steer through any sort of processing facility.

We wish that more animal owners had a heart like Geoff’s. Can you believe that Knickers is not the world’s tallest steer, though? Bellino is a chianina ox who was measured at a show in Rome a few years back. Bellino is the current Guinness World Record holder, nudging out Knickers by just two inches. 7 News Central Queensland is responsible for sharing Knickers with the world.

Once they tweeted a photo of the animal, the Internet was abuzz almost immediately. The initial photo received thousands of retweets in just a few hours. These photos might seem like a work of fiction but trust us, they are real and they are spectacular. Pearson says that Knickers has been a standout ever since his early days.

It is tough to think of a scenario where this steer would not stand out, to be honest. We are transfixed by these photos and we cannot stop staring. Knickers got his name from a Brahman steer that befriended him in the past. Since Pearson called him Bra, it was only right for his new pal to be called Knickers. Bra and Knickers….get it?

If you are laughing as hard as we are right now, be sure to pass this story along and share the laughs with your friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate the story of Knickers and his pal Geoff. We are glad that Geoff is not currently looking to capitalize off this steer. Instead, he is going to allow the animal to live out the rest of his natural born life in total peace and serenity.

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