Fans Think ‘Game of Thrones’ May Have Revealed A Huge Clue About The Night King’s Identity

If you haven’t caught up to “Game of Thrones” and its final season that is currently airing, then you should just stop reading now, as there are heavy spoilers ahead.

Now that you’ve been warned lets get right to it and discuss the Night King.

Die-hard fans of the show have already been developing a theory about the Night King, and it’s a very interesting one.

While often times fan theories can be outlandish and unfounded, but this one is actually a pretty decent, if not possibly accurate theory.

Do you remember when Little Lord Umber was nailed to the wall with carefully arranged limbs? Well when it happened, Beric Dondarrion exclaimed, “It’s a message from the Night King.”

However, once he reanimated and eventually was set on fire, the whole symbol made a bit more sense, as it’s a sign we’ve seen before.

It was there around the Weirwood tree at the Night King’s creation. He also arranged the symbol out of horse remnants years ago fot ehe Night’s Watch to stumble upon. The grotesque display is the Night King’s calling card.

But it’s this symbol that he keeps using that has fans of the series pointing out how much of a similarity it shares with the the sigil of House Targaryen – yes, we’re referring to the three-headed dragon.

And there’s also the whole fire thing, as Targaryens love fire.

All of these seemingly little clues are pointing to the idea that the Night King could be distantly related to the Targaryen family. That would mean he’s related to Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

But that’s only half of the theory, there’s something else that could really be a dead give away.

We know that the Night King can raise the dead and control them, but he can also ride a dragon.

We’ve been explicitly told, no one but the Targaryens can ride dragons. That’s not fan theory, that’s cannon.

David Benioff, one of the showrunners, recently gave an interview in the “Inside the Episode” documentary segment which follows each episode and stated, “No one has ever ridden a dragon except for Dany. Only Targaryens can ride dragons and that should be a sign for Jon. Jon’s not always the quickest with the uptake but he gets there.”

So there it is, the Night King could be a Targaryen?

What do you guys think of the theory?

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