Dog Finds Himself All Alone At Shelter After Everyone Else Get Adopted During Event

A Kansas City shelter recently held a day long adoption event, in hopes of finding more permanent homes for all of the animals that they were housing. The turnout was amazing. Over 200 animals were taken home that day. Sadly, there was still one dog left who could not find anyone who was willing to take him with them. The poor fellow was left all alone in the shelter as a result.

Poor Kenny did not know if anyone was ever going to provide him with a forever home. We cannot imagine how sad it must have been for him to watch all of the others find new homes, while he was left behind. Our heart certainly goes out to him. This sweet goofball deserves better, doesn’t he? He loves to run and play. He also loves people very much.

According to the shelter workers, he has yet to meet someone that he could not become friends with. No one can figure out how such a kind and gentle dog was overlooked. It is a mystery to us as well. “He’s definitely a people dog!,” according to Casey Waugh. Waugh works with Wayside Waifs, Kenny’s new shelter. As the communications and annual giving manager, Waugh has seen a lot.

When compared to the many dogs that this shelter has seen, Kenny is a “dream”. Volunteers love to take him out for all sorts of fun outings. When they made a trip to a local pet store, “he became friends with everyone who worked there”, in the words of Waugh. He views life as an awesome adventure. We definitely agree with Kenny’s outlook on things.

All he needs now is a forever family to share these adventures with. He would be most comfortable in a home that does not have any small children present, due to his energetic nature. He will need plenty of long walks and an open space to run around each day. Kenny also needs plenty of love. He needs a family that is going to remain by his side through thick and thin.

The shelter workers are bummed on Kenny’s behalf but he does not seem to be too bothered. If you would like to help Kenny finally locate his forever home, be sure to contact the good folks at Wayside Waifs to find out more. With any luck, it will not be long before Kenny is finally able to bring his trademark joy and good cheer to a deserving family.

If you’re interested in adopting Kenny, you can contact Wayside Waifs for more information. 

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