Father with cancer fights long enough to see the birth of his twin boys and hold them

Justin and Jennifer Hanks were preparing for the birth of their children when they received horrible news that shocked them to their very core. Justin was diagnosed with cancer. The couple had just gotten married and was looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. His diagnosis shook them both and they began to wonder what would come next.

Cancer functions as its own community. There is much to learn and the couple knew that they had their work cut out for them. They did not want to allow the diagnosis to destroy all of their plans. On the other hand, the couple knew that they did not have much time before Justin’s condition caught up with them. There was a lot to do and very little time to do it in.

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A year ago today we transferred one little embryo. A couple weeks later we got the news that it had worked. Then a couple weeks after that we found out we were having twins! I never shared my journey while I was going through in-vitro. I was always a little self conscious about what people would think. It was our decision to get pregnant despite Justin still having cancer. I didn’t want to have to explain myself to people. So we kept it to ourselves and only close family and friends knew. If you go to my insta stories I will be sharing my journey through #ivf It’s a basic overview of how things went and I will be sharing more in detail in the future on my blog. I felt like I wanted to share some of it on my stories. It was a major part of my life and one of the hardest things I have had to go through. It was not easy, but I’m so grateful for the two miracle boys we got from doing it! #ivfjourney #ivfsuccess #ivfcommunity #ivftwins #ivf

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They elected to start their family anyway. The couple wanted to believe in the future where Justin would be present and able to care for his children. The decision was only shared with close friends and family members at first. They did not want cancer to dictate their decision-making process. What if Justin survived and they were unable to conceive then?

This is not a risk that they were willing to take. Jennifer went through the fertilization process, knowing full well what could take place. A couple of weeks later, they received great news. They would be having twins! Justin was happy to learn that he was going to be a father and the decision seemed to have paid off for the family.

Justin and Jennifer were going to be welcoming two children into the world! Their fertilization went even better than they could have possibly imagined. Justin decided that he was going to try his absolute best to fight cancer. He wanted to hold his children. Around the seven month mark, he started to take a turn for the worst.

He was determined to make it, though. Justin pushed through the pain and did his best to fight. Marshal and Everett were born in April 2018 and Justin was present for the birth. The family spent as much time bonding as they could in the meantime. Justin would eventually succumb to his disease in July. To learn more about this family, head to Coco’s Caravan on Instagram and Facebook. We wish Jennifer and her boys all of the best and send our deepest condolences.

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