Dad Builds Rooftop Lookout Post For His Dog So He Can Keep An Eye On The Neighborhood

This dog resides in Hawaii and already lives the sweet life. This charmed existence is about to get even sweeter, though. Alyxah is a Twitter user who is sharing this post with the rest of us. We are glad that she did. This is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen. As it turns out, the dog’s family had experienced a recent scare.

Check is the dog’s name. His family decided to create the lookout point for him after an incident where he made his way onto the roof. Of course, the silly pup did not know how to get himself back down once he was up there. The home comes with a large lanai. The dog has consistent access to the roof but this access came with a major price that had to be paid.

The fire department had to be called to get the dog from this perch. He wanted a better view and did not realize the consequences of this decision until it was too late. The family did not want to block off the whole roof. They decided to preserve the dog’s roof access and create an area where he could survey his territory. He loves to keep a close eye on strangers who venture past.

This is just good guard dog behavior, of course. When a pooch gets too curious, owners need to cater to these whims. We are just glad that they came up with a perfect solution before something happened to our pal Check. He is just trying to look out for his loved ones, after all. Check did not mean any harm by wandering out onto the roof.

We are just glad that this enterprising Twitter user was willing to share this story with us. These owners were not about to let anything happen to their dog. They were determined to provide him with the best possible view so that he could keep an eye on everyone who is going and coming. Check has definitely earned his name.

Please be sure to pass this one along to all of the dog owners in your life. We are willing to bet that most dog owners have had to make similar concessions in the past. Dogs want to help their humans keep intruders at bay. Now, it is our turn to help our dogs by creating an awesome lookout point. Share away, people!

Source: Twitter

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