There’s A Troll At Universal Orlando That Farts Glitter At Guests

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Florida? Do you think of warm weather, beautiful beaches, sweet oranges, and sunshine? You would be right on target but there is something else to enjoy about Florida, the theme parks. After all, two of the largest theme parks are found in the state, Disney World and Universal Studios.

Disney really seems to have cornered the market on fun in many ways. In fact, the theme park in Florida is sometimes called the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. It goes beyond the location, however, because they have movies and heroes that children around the world love.

Universal Studios is another theme park that has the ability to keep people happy all day long. They also tend to diversify what they have to offer those who visit their park.

Rather than being the happiest place on earth, they are more of the place where you would go to take a walk on the wild side. You never quite know what they are going to come up with and their latest attraction seems to be taking things to the next level.

Millions of children grew up playing with Trolls and those toys received an extra nod when DreamWorks Entertainment (owned by Universal) put them on the big screen. Kids loved it, so it would only stand to reason that a Trolls exhibit would be added to the theme park.

That is where Guy Diamond comes in.

He is a new addition to the Trolls and he has a unique ability that children seem to love.

You can see him at the theme park dancing and waving to the crowd of little children until he turns around and farts glitter. If that sounds like fun to you, check him out at the KidZone located in the park.

This is so strange, and I can’t stop watching it.

Someone asked the director of the movie to tone it down.

Trolls have been known to get out of control on occasion so farting glitter may not be all that far off course.

Guy greets the kids with his friends, Branch and Poppy (who, by the way, are fully clothed and have control over their bodily functions).

The Universal Studios website gives a schedule of the times they will be out and about. It seems that you have up to 6 times daily to see the magic.

Most people are along for the ride but some are not all that happy with the new development.

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