Father & Daughter Duo Are Taking Over The Internet With Their Gorgeous Hair


Benny Harlem is an inspiration to us all, as this multi talented individual (he sings, writes music and even models) still finds to be a great father to his little girl, who is named Jaxyn. They have recently garnered attention on social media because of the unique bond that they share and their unique look has also turned heads.

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This dad knows how to display his heritage in a way that makes everyone proud and he is passing down this trait to his lovely little girl. In Benny’s eyes, allowing his child to grow, while still keeping her protected from the world at large is a very important job…one that he takes very seriously.


Thanks to all of the love and attention that Jaxyn receives from his doting father, she is very likely to grow up to be a strong and well adjusted woman. Seeing this little girl looking so happy and confident in her own skin is truly a pleasure and we are proud to share this amazing story with our readers.


While these two share a bloodline, they also share a gift for amazing hairdos. Having a father who models has definitely rubbed off on Jaxyn, as she looks very confident and graceful in her own skin.


Benny teaches his daughter the importance of giving respect and earning respect and he also teaches her about the importance of loving herself. This father/daughter duo certainly melted our hearts and his commitment to raising her in the proper way is definitely commendable.


If you appreciated this heartwarming story as much as we did, then be sure to head to Facebook and pass it along to all of the wonderful parents in your life, so that they can have the chance to share in the special bond that Benny and Jaxyn have built with one another.


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