Identical twin girls see each other for the first time, have an adorable conversation


While the birth of twin babies might seem like a highly uncommon occurrence, it happens far more often than you may think. A whopping 1 in 30 births in the United States consist of twins and when we receive an unexpected new family member, any number of feelings can bubble to the surface.

A fear of not being able to care for both babies is totally natural and completely understandable. However, once the babies have finally arrived, you get to experience special and profound moments just like the one in this video and your fears will immediately melt away for good.


Your fears aren’t the only thing that are going to melt, as the twin babies in this clip are also able to melt your heart. This clip was recorded by the mother of twin babies and it captures a moment that is almost too adorable to properly put into words….you will simply have to see it for yourself!

These two twin girls have caught their first look at one another and near as we can tell, they are certainly about to be fast friends and enjoy the type of special connection that only twins are able to have.


Seeing them make faces at one another and attempt to communicate will have you wondering why you have yet to have your own set of adorable twinsies. While we are completely unable to understand the words that are coming out of their mouths, they seem to grasp each other’s dialect just fine and this is definitely the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

If you have any baby lovers among your friends and family members, you would be remiss not to share the following clip with all of them as soon as possible. This priceless interaction certainly deserves to receive as wide of an audience as possible in our humblest of opinions, so be sure to spread the love!

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