Father And Son Dressed Like Each Other For Halloween And Nobody Can Tell Them Apart

Tandem Halloween costumes are a great way to show your appreciation for the people you love most. As the old saying goes, imitation will always be considered to be one of the most sincere forms of flattery. But we do wonder about this father/son costume in that regard. Are these two enjoying paying homage to another or is something more sin sinister taking place here?

For starters, this father and son seem to have much different fashion sense than what we typically expect. Not only is the costume mind blowing from a clothing standpoint, but we are also having a great deal of difficulty telling who is who. It will definitely take a moment or two before you are able to realize who is supposed to be impersonating who here.

There is one fact that is definitely not up for debate here, though. This father and son are enjoying each other’s company immensely. This is an imitation that is borne out of flattery and genuine love for one another. After all, we have all seen the Halloween costumes that tend to be less flattering. It is clear as day to see when an imitation Halloween costume is meant in a sarcastic manner.

The hardest part of this story is telling who is who. This is a classic optical illusion and if you were hoping for a video that would explain matters further, you are fresh out of luck. You are going to have to analyze this image for yourself if you would like to figure it out. No freebie answers here, pal. We will give you one helpful hint to work with, though.

The after image is actually located on the left. This only served to add to our confusion initially until we figured it out. Don’t make the same mistake that we did. We found ourselves staring for several moments before we finally put this piece of the puzzle into place. The makeup that they used was definitely a nice touch, as it made it even tougher to learn who is who exactly.

If you found this optical illusion slash father/son Halloween costume as hilarious as we did, then we urge you to take time out to pass it along. Who knows? Perhaps this awesome costume idea will serve as the inspiration for your own hilarious tandem costume this upcoming Halloween. Please pass this story along as soon as you’re done laughing.

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