FedEx driver quietly shovels snow from widow’s porch after learning her husband recently died

One of the most difficult things that anyone could experience in life is losing a spouse. When it happens, the surviving spouse often finds it difficult to get from one day to the next. Sometimes, they don’t even have the energy to get out of bed in the morning.

That is what Leigh Anne Skoda was experiencing. She was only 42 when the love of her life passed away after fighting cancer for 7 months. She was left to raise their 3 kids on her own and to handle many of the day to day chores that her husband used to do.

On this particular day, she was struggling to put air in the tires when she saw a FedEx truck parked on the street. After she recognized the driver, Brian, she decided to ask him for help. He had often delivered packages in the area and she was hoping he would help.

Brian was happy to help but he didn’t know she was a recent widow at the time. After learning about her loss, he couldn’t forget about it. He was feeling very empathetic over what she was experiencing.

That is when Brian decided he would do more than put air in her tire.

As he was driving past her house during a snowstorm, he stopped and did something very kind. He didn’t bother knocking, he just went up and shoveled the porch for her.

What he didn’t realize is that her video doorbell camera was catching it all. When Leigh Anne looked at the footage, she was touched by what she saw.

“Doorbell cameras don’t only catch people stealing packages,” Leigh Anne wrote in a now viral Facebook post. “Our FedEx guy stopped and out of the kindness of his heart, scooped my sidewalks. I truly feel like we cross paths with people for reasons. Thank you Brian Scholl for just being you, and being one of the people who truly ‘get’ our situation!”

This just shows that there are still some very kind people out there. These small acts of kindness really help to restore our faith in humanity.

You can watch him doing this kind deed in the following video:

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