Firefighters Save Dog Trapped In Scorching Hot Car During Heatwave

Summertime is here and it is time to assess one of the biggest dangers out there. Some of us may think that it is okay to leave our dogs in a hot car. However, this is a practice that is highly frowned upon. Not only are you subject to legal penalties but you are also risking your pet’s life. There is no trip to the store that is worth putting your pets in danger.

Unfortunately, we see dogs trapped inside of hot cars on a regular basis. It makes us wonder what could be going through the minds of their owners. Don’t you all realize that your animals are horribly uncomfortable? A recent heat wave in the United Kingdom led to a tense moment for one poor dog. The animal had to be freed from the vehicle by local firefighters before it was too late.

Bertie was left in a very difficult predicament. The car that the animal was trapped in had access to direct sunlight. If these firefighters hadn’t arrived when they did, this story may have ended very differently. All it takes is one hour inside of a car this hot to place a dog’s life in danger. Why would anyone ever take this kind of risk if they did not have to?

We are appalled by these sorts of behaviors and wish that dog owners would be more careful. A staff member at the store where the owner was shopping alerted the authorities when they realized that the animal was overheating. If not for their quick thinking, who knows what might have happened? Bertie was in a great deal of distress when he was finally freed.

The dog was grateful to breathe fresh air again. Local police were also informed about what had taken place. We wish that these owners would have to spend an hour inside of a locked car on a hot summer’s day. They would probably think twice about allowing their dogs to live like that. Please let this story be a lesson to you and your loved ones.

If it’s too hot for you, then guess what? It is most assuredly too hot for your dog. Don’t force local authorities to waste the time that they could be spending fighting real crimes. Be more thoughtful and considerate. Your dog will definitely appreciate your efforts and be glad that you took the time to think of their needs. Share away, everyone!

Today we rescued a Cokerpoo Dog called Bertie from the top deck of Waitrose multi story park car in SW by breaking a…

Posted by Saffron Walden Fire Station on Friday, June 28, 2019

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